Together with the online release of the new album BROKEN WINGS, the Vikings will be producing a CD with a limited number of copies. Stay tuned we`ll post the news as soon as it`s ready!


New album title

Finally, the Vikings will be releasing the new album that has been under production since around four years! We’ve decided to change the name of the album to BROKEN WINGS instead of WELCOME HOME – listen to the album and find out why!

New Drumer Peter Hornung

PeterHornung_actionPeter Hornung is the new man at the Vikings’ drums, and will be recording the last two songs of the album ‘welcome home’. Unfortunately, Michael Meyer had to move to N├╝rnberg and the Vikings needed some time to find an adequate replacement who could follow his great steps after doing a really cool job with the first three songs of the album. But already during the first rehearsal with Peter H. we noticed – this guy rocks! With Peter Hornung (drums) and Davide Petrocca (bass), the Vikings now have a great rhythm group that can definitely be seen and heard!

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