Peter L.

Blues · Latin · Metal · Rock · Samba


Classical music · Fusion · Jazzrock · Latin · Metal · Rock

Peter H.

Jazzrock · Reggae · Rock · Soul

Vikings – The Band

The Vikings started as a heavy metal band back in the late 1980s; the first formation however split up in 1996, shortly after their debut album Across the great wide sea. Almost twenty years and many different music and life experiences later, founding members Meier (vocals) and Peter L. (guitar) met again in 2011 with the initial intention to transform Vikings age-old songs into new versions. This idea soon materialized into lots of energy and inspiration for creating completely new tracks for the new album Broken Wings. Michael (drums) joined the band also in 2011, but had to quit again in 2014 for job reasons, being replaced since then by Peter H. Davide (Bass) joined the Vikings in 2013.


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