• Origin
    Calabria, Italy
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    Classical music · Fusion · Jazzrock · Latin · Metal · Rock

Davide Petrocca.

Davide Petrocca’s was a student of the legendary bassist Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen. His professional carreer in classical music started already in the mid 1990s with Charlie Antolini’s and Bireli Lagrene’s bands, continuing then as part of Monty Alexander’s trio, as well as freelancer with Hank Jones, Cedar Walton Martin Taylor, Bruce Barth and many others. He has toured throughout Europe, playing at many different clubs and festivals.
Working also as a guitar and bass teacher, he met founding member Peter and joined the Vikings, bringing in new sound influences into the new album.

“Davide Petrocca belongs to the worldwide top ligue of contrabass players!” Monty Alexander, pianist (New York / USA)